Thursday, December 17, 2020

Adventures in (Not) Leaving the House: You Are What You Build


I work from home. I’ll never complain because there are more advantages to that arrangement than I can even count, but there is one down-side: I don’t get out much. So on those occasions where I do leave the house to visit people or get away for the weekend or pick up a loaf of bread, it opens the door for Of course, no one gets out much these days, but that doesn’t stop me from seeking out



I recently joined Toastmasters, and this was the speech I gave last week. 


My family is very competitive. We love board games, card games, yard games, you name it. From summer nights in my youth playing hours of Michigan Rummy to vacations as adults featuring lip sync battles and cook-offs, this is just what we do as a family. It's always good-natured -- we never take it too far -- but we do go all-out to win. Today, I'd like to show you what I mean when I say my family goes all out.