Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Video Essay: How Tarantino Writes a Scene

Happy New Year! We're back, and happy to skip over the part where I re-examine my resolutions from 2019 (I went 1-for-4, which I reckon puts me on average with everyone else's New Year resolutions). What's important is that I've reloaded my Motivatometer [TM] to get through the first draft of Book #2.

I know I've alluded to Book #2 a fair bit at this point without really saying anything about it. Perhaps for another post...

But for today: One of the things I want to be mindful of is not to churn through the plot too quickly. While Book #2 has a mystery element, it is strongly character-focused and I don't want to lose sight of that -- particularly in the dialogue. I can already think of a few sequences I want to revisit but am fighting the temptation to do so until the first draft is completed.

Anyway, I reckon a good way to approach dialogue is to examine what the experts do, and who is more expert at dialogue than Quentin Tarantino? In this video essay, Henry from The Closer Look takes a... well, a closer look at Tarantino's writing.

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