Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Write On: A Quick Update

I'm gearing up for my annual Mancation, that glorious time of the year where I get together with the guys I grew up with to drink, eat meat, play cards, talk trash, and drink. As I said, glorious.

This will be our eleven Mancation, earning it the tentative title of "Mancation 11: Roman Numerals are Soooo 400 A.D." Admittedly, that's not the most manly of titles, but I just made it up on the spot and I'm not going to change it now, what with all that tap-tap-tapping of the BACKSPACE button? Guh.

Point being, I'll be disappearing for a few days, my location and activities strictly confidential in accordance to the extensive non-disclosure agreements we all signed. But before I go, a quick update on my progress:

My 500 Words

Yes, I am still doing this -- hitting the home stretch, actually. And no, I'm nowhere near the target of 500 words a day. Whatever, I'm still counting this a victory:
  • I've just reached the end of Chapter 3 to Book #2, and I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along -- particularly for a first draft
  • Since my last update, I've written up an additional 3,718 words
  • While I'm not writing every day, I have been hitting around 500 words on the days I do write
  • Even if I stop right now, I'll have tripled the length of Book #2
  • (I hadn't gotten very far into Book #2 before this past month)

The Agent Hunt

It's now been a year since I first started querying agents. You'd think that would have been a soul-crushing realization. Hell, I thought that would have been a soul-crushing realization. Instead, I'm feeling really upbeat about my progress.

I've jettisoned the remainder of the agent list I put together last year (keeping a record of who I've already queried so as not to annoy them), and -- smarter, wiser -- put together a new list that's better targeted to my novel using other sites I've since discovered such as Manuscript Wish List.


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