Friday, October 11, 2019

By Definition: A My 500 Words/Video Essay Two-Fer

By definition, I'm failing.

On its face, last week's number isn't that bad. I wrote 2,335 words, which is obviously below the 500-a-day goal. Worse, I only wrote on four of those days... and one of them was to write last week's blog post. That technically counts but, c'mon...

On the flip side, I'm really happy with the work I have put in, and I'm starting to clear up the soupiness that is the second act of Book #2. It's not completely ironed out and none of that add to my word count. But still, but definition that's PROGRESS!

Speaking of definitions, I'm featuring this video by Lessons from the Screenplay because it does a great job of calling out the difference between Story Premise versus Story Design as well as the protagonist's Desire versus Need, all things that are easy to get mixed up.

As a bonus, Michael explains what I've long considered one of the great movie mysteries: How did James Cameron pull off the change from the slow-burn horror of Alien to the pulse-pounding action of Aliens?

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