Saturday, March 30, 2019

MotM Special: Endgame

I may not be devoting all of my time and effort to covering movies – bad, good or otherwise – these days, but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving them. So once a month, I’ll spread a little bit of that love…

Ha ha no, not that Endgame.

After years and years of covering bad films, I woke up the other day to discover that the end game had found me. There it was, just sitting there among my Recommendations on YouTube, without a care in the world. 

What had taken me about 12 years of movie-watching blood, sweat and tears, Wisecrack knocked out in about 12 minutes.

(Okay, clearly the Wisecrack folks put the hellova lot more time than 12 minutes into their videos, but the video is only 12 minutes long so just go with it.)

Over the course of those 12 minutes, the folks at Wisecrack eloquently make the same argument I’ve been making for years – that there’s something beautiful in bad movies – and they make their case so definitively that I am both impressed and very, very bitter.

So check out this video by Wisecrack (as a side note, you should generally check out videos by Wisecrack anyway), and you too can get a bit of an understanding of why I spent so many years tilting at windmills.

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