Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Write On: Trope Talk - Five Man Band (Video Essay)

So here’s something I’ve only alluded to on this blog so far: While wading into the querying phase with my first book (yes, I’ll have an update in my next post), I’m starting in on a second story. I haven’t been as fast out of the gate with this as I’d like, but I am indeed out of the gate.

I don’t want to say much about Book #2 now, other than to say that it’s not a sequel to my first book. Also, while it’s not a fantasy novel or an adventure story (I’m still very much in an upmarket mystery mode), it does indeed feature a Five Man Band.

If that seems out of left field, it’s because my transitions could use more work and also because the Five Man Band is a common trope in adventure stories. It’s such a trope that it’s one of Overly SarcasticProduction’s installments in their Trope Talk series.

I’d just finished hammering out the broad strokes for the main characters of Book #2 and while the story is in a contemporary setting and their rolls aren’t so neat or obvious… yeah, Five Man Band.

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