Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Video Essay: The Sopranos, Inception and Ambiguous Endings

I'm so happy.

I've been looking for an excuse to feature Movies with Mikey here for a while now, simply because his video essays are top notch. Each and every one. Sure, I've gushed over YouTube channels in the past, but this might be the one I'm gushiest for.

Thing is, his pieces are typically about movies, and despite the occasional shout outs to screenplays and bad movies, this isn't a movie blog.

But here Mikey dips into something that falls under this blog's jurisdiction: story endings. Specifically, he takes a look at some of the most notoriously ambiguous endings in pop culture and digs in... not for what really happened, but why the storytellers choose to end the story that way.

If you dig this video, you'll definitely want to run through all of the Movie with Mikey pieces over at FilmJoy.

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